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I was born in Ivrea - an idyllic little town in Turin, Italy that was once a model for the world in terms of progressive design and avantgarde living. So, as you can imagine, my town’s rich artistic culture imprinted in me from a very young age, a profound inclination towards a particular type of aesthetics and a let’s say, a divergent way of thinking.


Driven by my constant thirst for novelty, I left home for the tumultous city of London where I changed and defined my artistic vision, worked on my skills and brought forth my first showcases. 


After 8 thunderous life-changing years, I moved to Luxembourg where I’ve been living and working for 2 years now.


When it comes to my art, most of my pieces aim to reflect a dynamic colorful view on any and every topic imaginable. I’ve always tried to get complex ideas together through unexpected shapes and lines while sending powerful messages that make appeal to a varied range of human emotions. 


Order and chaos work together for me. I present my artwork in a well-thought-out form, that can then be deconstructed and interpreted by each individual in a very personal way. At the same time, there’s always that strong ever-so-present meaning that stands out and makes itself visible to all viewers, thus creating a bond between those who see my art. 


I’m usually going for a quirky perspective and a reinterpretation of the mundane that can surprise and imprint a long-lasting impression. Because definitively my work sums up to the audience’s sentiment & response. 


I’m also really big on associations. I love playing with meaning and form. In short, if there’s no clue within my work, you aren’t looking hard enough. But once you’ve seen it, that story begins to unravel right before your eyes and there is absolutely no way you can unsee it. 


My predilection towards architecture and modern design helps hold together my compositions and giving it the balance, it needs.


But in the end, it’s not about technique. And it’s not even about the creation itself. 

It’s not about taking anything too seriously.


It’s about the game. 

It’s about finding that new meaning and reinventing yourself as you do it. 


Because that is what truly sparks interest and wonder in each and every one of us.

And that’s what actually matters.


My main mission is to compose a universal language that speaks through shapes, colors and lines and ultimately adds feeling to any given space. 


Some of my showcases are: 

Over Under - Earls Court (London)

Valerius Gallery (Luxembourg City)

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Luxembourg City)

1535 Creative Hub - Differdange - Luxembourg  


And some of my collabs include:  

Manalena Concept Store - (Luxembourg City)

L'Arteria di Via Palma - Ivrea (Italy)

Viaggio Recordings - (London)

Abana - (London)

London School of Economics and Political Science - (London)

Everpress - (London)