I was born in Ivrea, a small town in the province of Turin in Italy famous for the Olivetti, the "Orange battle", the 900 cake, and the wine that the Ferrando family makes every year with love, so my roots are forward-thinking design, tradition, food, and wine. 

I have left such a paradise to join London for 8 amazing years incredibly inspiring and life-changing, after that I moved to Luxembourg where I am now based for 2 years.

Loving design and architecture my mission is to try to find a language through shapes colors and lines that will add feelings to space.



Over Under - Earls Court (London)

Valerius Gallery (Luxembourg City)

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Luxembourg City)

1535 Creative Hub - Differdange - Luxembourg  



Manalena Concept Store - (Luxembourg City)

L'Arteria di Via Palma - Ivrea (Italy)

Viaggio Recordings - (London)

Abana - (London)

London School of Economics and Political Science - (London) 


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