Michele’s collection “emotional layers” it’s a self-discovery through layers of colors. Nothing is prepared before and everything is spontaneous. It’s an interaction between the colors and the feelings at the moment he’s painting. The finished work it’s named “DAY” with a progressive number as each day is different and each painting will have different energy as result. 



Michele Bagnod was born in the 1976 in Ivrea - an idyllic little town in Turin, Italy. As it was once a model for the world in terms of progressive design and avantgarde living, the town’s rich artistic culture imprinted in Michele a profound inclination towards exceptional aesthetics and out-of-the-box thinking. Driven by an insatiable thirst for novelty, Michele left his home town for the vivaciously theatrical city of London where he enriched his artistic vision, cultivated his creative skills and brought forth his first showcases. After 8 thunderous life-changing years, he moved to Luxembourg where he’s been living and working for 4 years now and since April 2021 he work in the 1535 in his atelier in Differdange - Luxembourg.

Some of his showcases are:


Over Under - Earls Court (London)

Valerius Gallery (Luxembourg City)

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Luxembourg City)

1535 Creative Hub - Differdange - Luxembourg


And some of his collabs include:

Manalena Concept Store - (Luxembourg City)

L'Arteria di Via Palma - Ivrea (Italy)

Viaggio Recordings - (London)

Abana - (London)

London School of Economics and Political Science - (London)