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302, 306 King's Rd, Chelsea - London SW3 5UH

Michele’s collection “emotional layers” it’s a self-discovery through layers of colors. Nothing is prepared before and everything is spontaneous. It’s an interaction between the colors and the feelings at the moment he’s painting. The finished work it’s named “DAY” with a progressive number as each day is different and each painting will have different energy as result. 



Born in 1976 in the charming town of Ivrea, Italy, Michele Bagnod is an artist who thrives on the challenge of exploring various creative mediums and formats.

In recent years, Michele has immersed himself in visual arts projects and digital design, a testament to his insatiable curiosity. His atypical journey has been shaped by the central themes of music and typography, both playing pivotal roles in his formative years. Despite being largely self-taught, Michele places immense value on collaboration, evident in his work that reflects a genuine enthusiasm for diverse perspectives.

Drawn to minimalism and abstraction, Michele finds inspiration in the space they provide for individual interpretation, both his own and that of the viewer. He continually questions the essence of aesthetics, experimenting with elements like color, size, and transparencies.

In 2010, Michele made a transformative move to London, igniting a new chapter in his artistic exploration. Since 2018, he has found his creative haven in Luxembourg, particularly at the Atelier in the prestigious 1535 Creative Hub located in Differdange.

In 2023, Michele returned to the dynamic city of London, where he lives and works, adding another layer to his diverse artistic narrative. Michele Bagnod's art invites you to question, explore, and appreciate the intricate dance between creator and observer.

Some of his showcases are:


AntiqueModernMix - King’s Road (London)
Over Under - Earls Court (London)

Valerius Gallery (Luxembourg City)

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Luxembourg City)

1535 Creative Hub - Differdange - Luxembourg


And some of his collabs include:

Manalena Concept Store - (Luxembourg City)

L'Arteria di Via Palma - Ivrea (Italy)

Viaggio Recordings - (London)

Abana - (London)

London School of Economics and Political Science - (London)

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